Video information how to book your facelift, tummy tuck, gastric sleeve, breast lift, dental, Lasik, Mummy Makeover. Watch me.  Alessandra

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Thailand Cosmetic Surgery BBC- and receives his full facelift with upper and lower eyes.
Full Face lift Justin BBC.


All clients need a medical checkup to ensure us you are healthy without pre-existing illnesses.
Clients over 40 need to have an ECG (EKG) (FBC) (HIV).
Additional cost for pre-existing illnesses can incur.

Our packages include staff to assist you with all your surgery interactions, in addition post surgery assistance and sightseeing – transfers are return for hospital and airport.

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Azurite packages (see table below) are quoted in US Dollars so please use the calculator on the left for your currency conversion. All packages are based on Chatrium Sathorn (1 bedroom suite apartment) which allows you to bring along one free guest. For a free quote please send photos and surgery request with dates to

Breast Implants (Cohesive Gel)General4400508810
Breast Lift Anchor and Lollipop-implantsGeneral7800863214
Breast Reduction / LiftGeneral6900793214
Chin Implant (Local Anaesthetic)Local270036009
Combo Breast Implant & Tummy Tuck)General8900984614
Double Lift (Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck)General95001045714
Double Lift (Facelift and Tummy Tuck)General6600760014
Eyelids – LowerLocal180025007
Eyelids – UpperLocal180025007
Eyelids – Upper & Eyelids – LowerLocal230029007
Facelift (face temporal)General6000680010
Facelift and Lower EyelidsGeneral6300710010
Facelift and Upper EyelidsGeneral6300710010
Facelift Upper and Lower EyelidsGeneral6600740010
Facelift-Full (Face, Neck & Temporal)General7100813214
>Facelift-Neck – Full and Lower EyelidsGeneral7400843214
Facelift- Neck Full and Upper EyelidsGeneral7400843214
Facelift-Full Upper Eyelids & Lower EyelidsGeneral7700873214
Laser (Fraxel) TreatmentNone70000
Mommy MO (Breast Lift / Implant / Tummy Tuck )General108001175714
Mommy MO (Breast Lift / Implant / Tummy Tuck/ Areolae Reduction)General110001200014
Mommy MO (breast Lift/Implant/TummyTuck/Labiaplasty)General120001295714
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/TummyTuck/Labiaplasty-Areola Reduction)General12200132014
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/TummyTuck/Labiaplasty-Vagina Tightening)General140001495714
Mommy MO (Breast Lift/Implant/TummyTuck/Labiaplasty/VaginaTightening-Areolae Reduction)General142001215714
Mini AbdominoplastyGeneral5000570010
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)General6100700012
Buttock ImplantsGeneral7100830014
Buttock LiftGeneral6200715014
Tummy Tuck (Lipectomy)General6300710014
Tummy Tuck (Lipectomy) – Liposuction ExtendedGeneral8100920014
Penile Width & LengthGeneral 58006700 10
Liposuction (Vaser) (3 points of entry)General5500630010
Thigh Lift – LiposuctionGeneral6200730014
Vaginaplasty (Vagina Tightening)General4000490010
Sex Reassignment Surgery (Male-to-Female)

Rhinoplasty (Open) Nose

Gastric Sleeve ($9100)










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