Corporate Retreats Azurite Health and Wellbeing  SIGNATURE WELLNESS PROGRAMS- Corporate Retreats New Beginnings Cleanse The New Beginnings Cleanse is an all encompassing wellness program, that specialises in detoxing of the mind, body and spirit. Learn More.  Weight Management Program Enjoy healthy and delicious specialties, making you healthier and happier. Azurite designed the Weight Management Program to pamper your senses. Even though you are undergoing weight… Read More

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Sunbeds are reserved with the guest’s name on a metal plaque at Royal Wing Suites & Spa in Pattaya, Thailand. wellness spa thailand Destinations The holiday that makes you a better person Mercedes Maguire, Escape October 12, 2016 12:00am Share this article Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email PattayaSpaMagnesium sulfateSeaweed Standing at the sea wall looking out at the Gulf of Thailand, I offer my thanks. With… Read More

Health Retreat-Rejuvenation Package

The complete rejuvenation package It’s nearing the end of the year and you are probably feeling worn out and thinking about that relaxing holiday you deserve. Thailand has long been a holiday destination that Australians (in particular) love. It offers cultural diversity, tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples. The country is also well known for its luxury resorts with outstanding… Read More

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  Spa Village, Dolder Grand, Mii amo, Azurite, Gaia Retreat and other wellness retreats Mii Amo Destination Spa, Enchantment Resort, Arizona. Christine Mccabe The Australian 12:00AM February 23, 2016 Save Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on email Share more… There’s nothing spartan about these health retreats. Spa Village Resort, Tembok, Bali: Escape the hubbub of Kuta and Seminyak on the remote black… Read More

Facelift Thailand

Face lift Thailand Facelift Thailand -My Azurite Journey   FaceLift Thailand or Mid Face Lift or Mini Facelift  Ask a dozen friends what cosmetic surgery you require and it would not be surprising to get a dozen different answers –some will say just a Mid face, some Mini face and some whole face and some.…”oh you need your  Neck done too”. You’ll find a… Read More

Thailand Plastic Surgery

Thailand Plastic Surgery Cosmetic surgery is basically considered as an expertise of surgery and medicine which confines in enhancing appearance by using the surgical and medical techniques. The skin surgery includes helps to maintain the basic appearance, improving the appearance and also restoring the appearance. The Thailand Plastic Surgery experts says that it is an inclusive approach that can get directed in different areas of body… Read More

Bangkok Plastic Surgeon

In various cases, Bangkok Plastic Surgeon postpones procedure of plastic surgery till the patient get through the psychological counseling. Many cosmetic surgeries also give permanent results; hence it is much significant for a patient to become sure that before going through this procedure. The procedure of abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck mainly aims to reshape the abdomen. Additional fat and skin is then taken from middle as… Read More

Expert Cosmetic Surgery

Expert Cosmetic Surgery Plastic surgery mainly contains 2 branches such as reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery.The key goal of the Expert Cosmetic Surgery is to enhance the physical appearance of the person. Plastic surgery may also perform or the reconstruction which is known as reconstructive surgery. On other hand, the reconstructive plastic surgery also is done to enhance the function. It might even entail… Read More

Facelift Thailand -My Azurite Journey

Facelift Thailand -My Azurite Journey

Thigh Lift Thailand

Thigh Lift Thailand: Thigh Lift Thailand, or thighplasty, is a surgical technique that plans to reestablish immovability of the thighs by removing extra skin through an incision along the inguinal zone. This Thigh Lift Thailand surgery will have best outcomes if muscle-conditioning activities are done before surgery and after the recuperation period. Do you suffer from “skirt-envy”? Would you like firmer, younger looking thighs?… Read More

Arm Lift Thailand

  Many individuals are contractive about the nearness of extreme fat and skin under the arms, so an Arm Lift procedure might be perfect for patients who are annoyed by the free skin swinging from their arms. An Arm Lift Thailand – also called as an ‘Arm Reduction’, reshapes the upper arm, expelling the extra skin brought on by natural maturing or weight loss,… Read More

MTF Reassignment Thailand

Gender reassignment surgery (SRS) (other names called as genital remaking surgery, sex reassignment surgery, Gender affirmation surgery) is the surgical techniques by which a transgender individual’s physical appearance and capacity of their current sexual qualities are changed to take after that socially connected with their identified gender. It is a part of a treatment for sexual orientation dysphoria in transgender individuals. Related genital surgeries… Read More

Health Retreat Thailand

We know your are going to love this place. You will love to be in this natural and peaceful place. The greenery and our supporting staff friendly nature will force to stay here. Once you come here for the health retreat in Azurite, we bet you, that’ll be your life’s best memorable and healthy journey. Health Retreat Thailand center with relaxing environment is a… Read More

Breast Lift Thailand and Breast Implants Thailand

A breast Lift, medically name is Mastopexy is a treatment to raise the breast by removing excess skin and fixing the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Beautiful breasts are not simply a matter of size. A well-skilled cosmetic surgeon specialist can make a more delightful, corresponding breast shape utilizing techniques tailored to address a lady’s one of a kind… Read More

Facelift Thailand, Full Facelift Thailand, Face Lift Thailand

Facelift Thailand Thinking to a Face Lift Thailand? Get a facelift to look younger. You can reduce your aging marks after facelift surgery in Thailand. Azurite is offering the facility to make you young and more beautiful in your growing age. Reduce age wrinkles, fine lines, & scars Reduce skin tone & texture Restore glow & clarity Sagging in the mid-face As we become… Read More

Breast Implants Thailand

BREAST IMPLANTS THAILAND   380CC’  410 CC’s Before and After

Booking Process for cosmetic surgery Thailand

Tummy Tuck (Extended) Breast lift with implants (inverted T- lift) additional liposuction

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